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custom_components.hpp File Reference
#include "paal/utils/functors.hpp"
#include "paal/local_search/local_search.hpp"
#include <chrono>
#include <random>

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struct  paal::local_search::conditional_gain_adaptor< Gain, Condition >
 if the condition is not fulfilled this gain adaptor returns 0 More...
class  paal::local_search::gain_cut_small_improves< Gain, ValueType >
 This is the gain adapter which accepts gains improving the current solution by more than epsilon. This adapter should be used only when ChooseFirstBetter strategy is applied. More...
class  paal::local_search::stop_condition_count_limit
 This is custom StopCondition , it returns true after given count limit. More...
class  paal::local_search::stop_condition_time_limit< duration, clock >
 This is custom StopCondition, it returns true after given time limit. More...
struct  paal::local_search::compute_gain_wrapper< Gain, ValueType >
 This wrapper counts sum of the improvements. It makes sense to use it only when ChooseFirstBetter strategy is applied. More...
struct  paal::local_search::tabu_gain_adaptor< TabuList, Gain, AspirationCriteria >
 Adapts gain to implement tabu search. More...
struct  paal::local_search::record_solution_commit_adapter< Commit, Solution, Comparator >
 This is adaptor on Commit which allows to record solution basing on condition It is particularly useful in tabu search and simulated annealing in which we'd like to store the best found solution. More...


 global namespace of project.


template<typename Gain = utils::return_one_functor, typename Condition = utils::always_true>
conditional_gain_adaptor< Gain,
Condition > 
paal::local_search::make_conditional_gain_adaptor (Gain gain=Gain(), Condition cond=Condition())
 make for conditional_gain_adaptor More...
template<typename TabuList , typename Gain = utils::always_true, typename AspirationCriteria = utils::always_true>
tabu_gain_adaptor< TabuList,
Gain, AspirationCriteria > 
paal::local_search::make_tabu_gain_adaptor (TabuList tabuList, Gain gain=Gain(), AspirationCriteria aspirationCriteria=AspirationCriteria())
 make function for tabu_gain_adaptor More...
template<typename Commit , typename Solution , typename Condition >
< Commit, Solution, Condition > 
paal::local_search::make_record_solution_commit_adapter (Solution &s, Commit commit, Condition c)
 make function for record_solution_commit_adapter More...

Detailed Description

Piotr Wygocki

Definition in file custom_components.hpp.