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Voronoi is a concept modeling division of the metric space in the voronoi regions. Space contains vertices and generators. Each vertex is assign to the nearest generator. Each generator has its voronoi region which contains all vertices assigned to the generator. Cost of the voronoi is the sum of the distances between the vertices and generators assign to this vertices.

We introduce two concepts WeakVoronoi and Voronoi.

class WeakVoronoiArchetype {
    const GeneratorsSet & getGenerators() const;
    const Vertices & getVertices() const;
    VerticesRange getVerticesForGenerator(VertexType g) const;

Each model of the Voronoi concept need to model also WeakVoronoi concept. Additionally, it gives possibility of adding and removing generators.

class VoronoiArchetype : public WeakVoronoiArchetype {
    // returns diff between new cost and old cost
    Dist addGenerator(VertexType f);
    // returns diff between new cost and old cost
    Dist remGenerator(VertexType f);


There is one straightforward implementation of the Voronoi concept in the library, it is paal::data_structures::Voronoi. There is also an implementation of capacitated version of voronoi, it is paal::data_structures::CapacitatedVoronoi.