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paal::ir::steiner_tree_smart_generator Class Reference

#include <steiner_strategy.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 steiner_tree_smart_generator (int N=100, int K=3, std::default_random_engine rng=std::default_random_engine{})
template<typename Metric , typename Terminals >
void gen_components (const Metric &cost_map, const Terminals &terminals, const Terminals &steiner_vertices, steiner_components< typename data_structures::metric_traits< Metric >::VertexType, typename data_structures::metric_traits< Metric >::DistanceType > &components)
 Generates components.

Detailed Description

Generates specified number of components by randomly selecting elements with probability dependent on distance from vertices already selected.

Definition at line 298 of file steiner_strategy.hpp.

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