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paal::lp::double_bounded_expression Class Reference

#include <constraints.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 double_bounded_expression ()
 double_bounded_expression (const col_id &expr)
 Constructor from a single column expression.
 double_bounded_expression (const linear_expression &expr, double lb=lp_traits::MINUS_INF, double ub=lp_traits::PLUS_INF)
 Constructor from expression, lower and upper bound.
template<typename BoundDirection >
 double_bounded_expression (const single_bounded_expression< LowerBoundTag, BoundDirection > &expr, double ub=lp_traits::PLUS_INF)
 Constructor from lower bound expression and an upper bound.
template<typename BoundDirection >
 double_bounded_expression (const single_bounded_expression< UpperBoundTag, BoundDirection > &expr, double lb=lp_traits::MINUS_INF)
 Constructor from upper bound expression and a lower bound.
linear_expression get_expression () const
 Expression getter.
double get_lower_bound () const
 Lower bound getter.
double get_upper_bound () const
 Upper bound getter.

Detailed Description

Double bounded expression class.

Definition at line 113 of file constraints.hpp.

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