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paal::utils::singleton_iterator< Elem > Class Template Reference

Iterator to range containing single element. More...

#include <singleton_iterator.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for paal::utils::singleton_iterator< Elem >:

Public Member Functions

 singleton_iterator ()
 public constructor to satisfy the concept requirements. However one should use make_singleton_iterator_begin, make_singleton_iterator_end.


class boost::iterator_core_access
template<typename E >
singleton_iterator< E > make_singleton_iterator_begin (E &&)
template<typename E >
singleton_iterator< E > make_singleton_iterator_end ()
 function to create end of singleton_iterator More...

Detailed Description

template<typename Elem>
class paal::utils::singleton_iterator< Elem >

Iterator to range containing single element.

Template Parameters

Definition at line 30 of file singleton_iterator.hpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<typename Elem>
template<typename E >
singleton_iterator<E> make_singleton_iterator_end ( )

function to create end of singleton_iterator

Template Parameters

Definition at line 89 of file singleton_iterator.hpp.

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