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paal::local_search::detail Namespace Reference

Detail of Local Search namespace. More...


struct  local_search_concepts
struct  local_search_concepts< Solution, SearchComponents, SearchComponentsPack...>
struct  local_search_concepts< Solution >
class  obj_fun_get_moves
class  obj_fun_gain
class  obj_fun_commit
struct  tuple_to_move


template<typename Delta >
bool positive_delta (Delta &&d)
template<typename Solution , typename SearchObjFunctionComponents , typename Traits = search_obj_function_components_traits<SearchObjFunctionComponents>, typename F = typename Traits::obj_function_t, typename Fitness = pure_result_of_t<F(Solution &)>>
auto convert_comps (Solution &sol, SearchObjFunctionComponents components, Fitness &current_res)

Detailed Description

Detail of Local Search namespace.