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paal::lp::detail Namespace Reference

Detail of Linear Programming namespace. More...


class  glp_impl
 LP implementation using GLPK. More...
class  lp_base
 The common LP solvers base class. Responsible for: More...
class  random_rotate


template<typename Stream , typename PrintCol >
void print_double_bounded_expression (Stream &o, const double_bounded_expression &expr, PrintCol print_col)
std::string col_id_to_string (col_id col)
template<typename Stream , typename PrintCol >
void print_expression (Stream &o, const linear_expression &expr, PrintCol print_col)
template<class URNG = std::default_random_engine>
auto make_random_rotate (URNG &&g=URNG{})

Detailed Description

Detail of Linear Programming namespace.